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Benefits Of Using ADMIN On The Raw Water Side Of Water Treatment Plants

Here we will show you our most recent Plant studies done at Tahlequah (6 million gpd) and Porum (2 million gpd) in the State of Oklahoma.


Here we cover five major water plant problems:


  1. Control of Iron and Manganese

  2. Algae Control

  3. Taste and Odor Control

  4. Corrosion Control

  5. TTHM and HAA5 Reduction

  6. Chlorine Residual



Chemicals used to control these five major water plant problems:


  • Sodium Permanganate is used to control Iron and Manganese and Algae at a cost of approximately $10.65 per gallon.

  • Carbon Powder is used in Taste and Odor control at a cost of approximately $33.00 per 50 lb. bag

  • Sodium Hypochlorite is used for Algae, Iron and Manganese control at a cost of approximately $2.25 per gallon.   (This method will raise TTHM’s)

  • Phosphates are used as a corrosion control at a cost of approximately $10.65 per gallon.

  • No need to use extra Polymer Blends, such as Ferric blends to help with TTHM control.  These blends cost approximately $7.00 per gallon.

  • Less or no Caustic use, which costs approximately $6.00 per gallon.





Benefits of using ADMIN verses the above five chemicals:


  1. Use LESS chlorine at the plant and hae a higher residual at the end of your lines.

  2. Maintenance and Upkeep on injection pumps and tanks.

  3. Less dangerous chemicals on plant site to report to state.

  4. Less employee injuries on plant site to report to state.   Also would reduce the number of Workman’s Comp claims, and possibly lower insurance rates.

  5. Less chemical storage area needed at plant.

  6. ADMIN use can increase your Filter Hours from an average of 50 hours to possibly 100 hours or even more based on previous Water Facility usage reports; with lower head loss and better NTU readings.

  7. Will clean up corrosion such as mineral deposits and rust in your water lines.


ADMIN has proved to be more effective by itself than by using the five other products.


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