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Why use ADMIN?  There are many reasons why we believe our product out performs others. 


Can ADMIN save us money?

Yes.  By using ADMIN in the place of several other chemicals we have saved our customers a considerable amount of monthly expense.


Does ADMIN replace any other Chemicals I am currently using?


Yes.  We have tested and proved that you can replace Sodium Permanganate, Carbon Powder, Sodium Hypochlorite, Phosphates, Polymer Blends and Ferric blends, and less or sometimes no Caustic at all.


How effective is ADMIN when it comes to filter hours?

By using ADMIN you will increase your Filter Hours from 50 average hours to possibly 100 hours or more.


Do I have to use ADMIN at the NSF approved 50ppm?

No.  Each water treatment plant has its own needs and has its own set of variables.  We have some plants operating from 5ppm all the way up to 50ppm.


Can I use ADMIN in the raw water side of my treatment facility?

Yes.  We have had great results while injecting it into the raw water side of the systems.

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