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Testing at the City of Tahlequah ad the City of Porum in Oklahoma.

Testing done at Tahlequah and Porum Oklahoma (plus numerous other plants in Oklahoma), prove how effective ADMIN works through the whole system - from the raw side through the finished side, and even lasting throughout the distribution system.


Iron Test results using Hach TNT 885 Test Tubes:

                                                                                                                           Filter Side

Results At -                                                      Raw Side                     Removal


41%    5 PPM of ADMIN Dose                             0.060                         0.035

63%    20 PPM of ADMIN Dose                           0.060                         0.022



Manganese Test Results:

                                                                                                                        Filter Side

Results At -                                                       Raw Side                   Removal


43%    5 PPM                                                       0.032                          .018

62%    20 PPM                                                     0.032                          .012



Algae Removal test results:


After jar testing where some algae was present, these algae's were killed and dropped to the bottom of the jar from 5 PPM to 25 PPM.





Below is a very simple test to show how effective ADMIN fights corrosion.  You will need Two (2) 3 gram shells and Two (2) rusty bolts.  Drop one of each in a small jar of ADMIN, and one of each in a Phosphate blend.


Results –


                                                      ADMIN                3 gram shell  -          completely gone in approximately Six  (6) minutes

                         Rusty Bolt -          clean and rust free in 30 minutes


Phosphate              3 gram shell -          still the same size after several months

                        Rusty Bolt -          still rusted after several months



TTHM reduction results from Accurate Lab in Tulsa, Oklahoma:


       Results –


            40% to 80% reduction of TTHMs by using ADMIN



After introducing ADMIN to the water system, customers locally have noticed the water tasting as good as bottled water.



We began using ADMIN on the Finished Side only, in December 2012.  We are now testing the Raw Side to help with problems such as Algae, Iron and Manganese, Taste and Odor.  We are very happy with the Raw Side test results.


At first, we were concerned that if we starting injecting ADMIN on the Raw Side, we would not have enough chemical strength to fight TTHMs and corrosion out in the distribution system.  But, by using the Hach Phosver 3 Test Reagent, we found we could track ADMIN’s strength.  At Tahlequah, we found after being in the Raw Side 3 hours, we still had 95% strength left in ADMIN to go out in the distribution.


Give us a call and see how ADMIN can work for you!

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